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2020-01-25 - Version 6.3 en ligne
2020-01-21 - Version 6.2 en ligne
2020-01-03 - Version 6.1 en ligne
2019-12-20 - Version 6.0 en ligne
2019-12-06 - Version 5.9 en ligne

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Welcome to the site. Planet Kari'a is a totally free online game. Your goal is to bring your civilization to be the most powerful on the planet. For this, you have under your command several characters to whom you can assign actions (construction of the city, hero battles, exploration of the planet, etc.). Every day, you earn virtual money that will allow you to buy new things. Come challenge other players using strategy (and a little luck sometimes). Register on the game and log in quickly to get quick explanations to start the game. Feel free to share your opinion or your questions with a comment or by mail. See you soon on the game!
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